Section 9 – Horticulture

Judges: FNQ Horticulture Society

Chief Stewards: Diana Miller, Chris McLean, Aileen Cross

Extra Stewards & Helpers: Tully Garden Club

BENCHING – Wednesday 1.00-6.00pm & Thursday 8.00am –12pm. No Late Entries accepted
Judging will commence Thursday 12.30pm

All exhibits must be grown by and be the property of the exhibitor or his employer and the plants must have been in his or her possession for at least one month prior to the exhibition.

No exhibit or portion of any exhibit can be entered in two separate classes.

All exhibits in the flowers sections to become the property of the Show Society and will be sold at 3pm Saturday.

No exhibit shall be removed from its place before 3pm on Saturday.

Three or more exhibits must be in each class to qualify for a second prize.

No entry fee Class A to F (flowers sold at end of Show).

Class G (Pot Plants) entry fee $1.

Tully District means from Bells Creek to the Cardwell

Range including beach areas.

All Section 9 Prize Money: 1st $5, 2nd $2. unless otherwise stated