Section 6 – Works of Art

STEWARDS: Yvette Cunningham & Kate Henry

Entries close 5pm Saturday 17 July. Exhibits to be collect after Sunday 9am.

All entries must be original work by the exhibitor, and not copied from existing work Entries must have been completed in the preceding twelve months.

All entries to be prepared for hanging by installed wire, chain or strong cord.

“Local” refers to exhibitors living in the Cassowary Coast Regional Council & Hinchinbrook Shire areas. This does not apply to the subject matter of the exhibit.

Entry fee $1.00, Children’s Classes Entry free. Maximum of 2 entries per person, per class.

Prize money all classes: 1st $15, 2nd $10.


1. Landscape or Seascape. OPEN any medium.
2. Landscape or Seascape. LOCAL. Any medium.
3. Still Life OPEN. Any medium.
4. Abstract, OPEN. Any medium.
5. Portrait or Subject Painting of no less than two figures. OPEN. Any medium.
6. Portrait or Subject Painting of one figure.
7. 3 Dimensional Pieces of Sculpture. OPEN Any medium.
8. Pottery, general. OPEN.
9. Carvings. Plaster, wood, etc.
10. Work on a Religious Theme. OPEN. Any medium.
11. Pen and Ink Painting. LOCAL.
12. Pencil Sketching. LOCAL.
13. Article made from leather. LOCAL.
14. Article made from wood. LOCAL.
15. 15. Article made from metal. LOCAL.
16. Article made of mixed mediums. LOCAL.
17. Ceramics. LOCAL.
18. Traditional Aboriginal art.
19. 19. Traditional Aboriginal craft.
20. Folk art. Beginners.
21. Folk art. OPEN.
22. Decoupage. OPEN.
23. Lead Lighting. OPEN.
24. Mosaic. OPEN.
25. Graphic Design.
26. Zen Art
27. Any item of Art by person a disability OPEN.
28. Any item of Art by person with a disability UNDER 16.
29. Any Other Work of Art – not previously specified.
30. Open Scrapbooking
31. Junior Scrapbooking Under 16

Local Primary & High School students:

Kindergarten to year 12 – All Entries Free

Please put age on entry forms.

Maximum of 3 entries per person, per class

Prize money 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5.

32 Kindergarten or Prep. Any painting or drawing. Any medium.
33. Grades 1 & 2. Any painting or drawing. Any medium.
34. Grades 3 & 4. Any painting or drawing.
35. Grades 5 & 6. Any painting or drawing.
36. Grades 7 & 8. Any painting or drawing.
37. Grades 9 & 10. Any painting or drawing.
38. Grades 11 & 12. Any painting or drawing.
39. Any work of art (not before mentioned) made by Local High School or Primary School student.
40. Any article of wood made by Local High School or Primary School student.
41. Any article of steel made by Local High School or Primary School student.