Section 20 – Poultry

STEWARDS: J Dickinson, S Quantock

Entry Fee: $1.00

Entries close 20th July -1 week before the show.


A lockup Pavilion is provided for Poultry.
Judging will commence at 9am Friday.
Local Birds to be penned by 8 pm Thursday.
Birds from distant places must be penned not later than 8.30am Friday.
Exhibitors are asked to take delivery of their exhibits 3pmSaturday.
Entries in “Any Other Variety” will not be accepted unless the variety is stated on Entry Form.

The Society accepts no responsibility for loss or damage or mis-delivery of exhibits.

No person other than the Judge or Stewards will be allowed to handle birds for duration of the Show without the consent of the Chief Steward. Any person handling birds without permission of Chief Steward will be asked to leave the Pavilion.

No sick or diseased birds to be penned.

No exhibit allowed to compete for more than one class.

Cockerels and pullets shall be birds of 12 months and under.
Birds will be fed and watered by the Society.
Eggs remain the property of Tully Show Society and will be cracked unless prior arrangement is made with the Chief Steward. Biosecurity regulations to be followed.


Maximum 3 Entries Per Class Per Exhibitor.

All entries to be sent to: The Show Secretary, PO Box 61 Tully Q 4854.

Parking and leaving of trailers outside the pavilion is prohibited except during loading & unloading of birds.

Prize 1st $5 2nd $3

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