Section 2 – Cattle

STEWARDS: Mrs KA Flegler, Mrs J Bridgeman, Mrs D Bush
Mr C Black, Mr B Cowe, Ms C McNamara, Mr M McNamara


Stud/Led – 9.00am Friday

Trade – 10.00am Friday.

Junior Parader – 2.00pm Friday

Junior Trade Judging – 4.30pm Friday approx.

Junior Stud Judging – 9.00am Saturday

Sub-Chamber Judging – 10.30am Saturday



Entries close Friday 1 week prior to show.

Email: or post to show secretary.


CONDITIONS: All conditions relating to the exhibiting of led cattle can be found at the website

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to be familiar with the conditions to prevent disappointment / exclusion. Cattle on grounds by 6 pm Thursday. Weighing and mouthing of trade and bulls to occur upon arrival or from 7am Friday. Judging to follow order of schedule.  Classes may be merged at steward’s discretion.

All cattle arriving at the Tully Show this year will require the most current version NVD (C0720) and a National Cattle Health declaration.  As at 1st January 2021 the only version of NVD acceptable for all species is C0720.  No older versions will be accepted.  To order the latest version of NVD’s and Health Declaration, go to www. or call DAF 132523

Entry Fee $5 per entry. Junior classes—nil entry.