Section 15 – Rare Fruits

JUDGE: Dept. of Primary Industries
STEWARDS: C Jenkins, H Wells, L King

SECTIONS 14, 15, 16, 17,& 18

All exhibits must have been grown by the Exhibitor. Where ‘Any Variety’ is allowed, the variety shown must be named by the Exhibitor. All entries must have 2cm stalk.

Exhibits for Section 14, 15,16, & 17 may be brought to the Stan Mackay Pavilion on Wednesday 2.00-7.00pm or Thursday from 7.00am to 9.00 am Judging commences Thursday at 9.30am. No Late Entry will be accepted.

Under the Current Covid 19 restrictions all produce must be disposed off after the show by the stewards. This is subject to change should Covid 19 plan change.

Entries may be left at show office prior to these times.

For other conditions See Horticulture Section 9.

1st Prize $10, 2nd Prize $5 unless otherwise stated.

Entry Fee $1.


Section 15: Rare Fruits

  1. Backyard grown 3 to 5 of any new tropical or ultra tropical fruit not listed in any other categories. First prize $20 Second Prize $10. Sponsored by Cassowary Coast Rare Fruits Australia.
  1. Rare Tropical Fruits, 2 of any variety. First prize $10 Second Prize $5. Sponsored by Cassowary Coast Rare Fruits Australia.
  1. Best commercial box/carton of a Tropical Exotic Tree fruit (not paw-paw). 1st Prize $100 voucher.