Section 13 – Bananas

STEWARDS: Cameron Flegler, Cameron Mackay, Len Collins,
Naomi Brownrigg, John Gillis, Owen Rowe, 
Caleb Matthews, Stewart Gilbert, Peter Brighton, Michael La Spina

Only Stewards and Judges to be present at judging.

All exhibits must be in the Pavilion between 5pm-8pm Thursday 22nd July.


Come Clean Go Clean

All vehicles/bags covering banana bunches and shoes worn delivering fruit to the show must Come Clean, please.

All exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor.

All bunches must have a maximum 45cm of stem above top hand, measured over curve of stalk, and stalk trimmed flush with bottom hand. All hands must have maximum of 75mm of stalk.

Bunch pruning permitted at bunch covering stage only. Bunches and hands with freshly removed bananas will be disqualified.

Any single entry can compete in different categories.

Only one entry per farm in any one category.

 Stewards will take the best care of bananas and will take no responsibility for damage to bananas.

Weight of cartons excluding lid – 13.8kg min to 14.3kg max. Cartons entered in the 15kg (Category 12) to be packed in the 15kg carton, weight 16.3kg min to 16.7kg max, excluding lid. All cartons to be in a lidded box.

All fruit must be first grade and meet hard green protocols, excluding Categories 18, 20 and 21. All fruit must be free of oil, dust and/or other foreign matter. Wing bananas and deformed singles entered in heaviest single category will be judged as freaks.

Fruit with blemish in all categories will be heavily penalised, excluding categories 18, 20 and 21. Fruit stored in cold room prior to show will be disqualified. FRESH FRUIT ONLY.

Prizes as advertised per schedule. Prizes may be substituted for voucher/cash.

All fruit will be judged but may not be displayed.

NOTE: All bunches entered in Categories 20 and 21 must not be ripe or split or have dust on the bananas.

All exhibits will become the property of the Tully and District Show Society, the proceeds for the sale of the same will be donated to local charities and organisations. All prizes are to be collected at the Tully Show Office during the Show.

Points system for the most successful exhibitor.

Classes 22 & 23 open to all growers in the Tully and District (Cardwell Range to El Arish, including beaches).

Stewards Choice – Stewards bunches not eligible to enter. Most number of votes wins, Ratoon and plant bunches eligible.

  1. Champion Bunch: 1st $1000, 2nd $200
  2. Champion Plant Bunch: 1st $500, 2nd $200
  3. Heaviest Plant Bunch: 1st $400, 2nd $170 + voucher
  4. Champion Lady Finger Bunch: 1st $200, 2nd $50,
  5. Champion 12kg Lady Finger Carton: 1st $200 + Voucher, 2nd $50.
  6. Champion Pair of Ratoon Bunches: 1st $500, 2nd $200, 3rd voucher.
  7. Champion Pair of Plant Bunches: 1st $500,2nd $200 voucher, 3rd $50.
  8. Champion Carton Extra Large/hands (open): 1st $500, 2nd $200.
  9. Champion Cluster Large Carton: 1st $550 2nd $200.
  10. Champion Cluster Carton 13kg: 1st $800, 2nd $200.
  11. Champion Cluster Carton 15kg: 1st $900, 2nd $200.
  12. Champion Hand: 1st $500, 2nd $200.
  13. Champion Pair of Hands: 1st $400, 2nd $150.
  14. Heaviest Hand: 1st $100 + Trophy, 2nd voucher
  15. Best 6 Singles: 1st $100. 2nd voucher
  16. Heaviest Single: 1st $80, 2nd $20.
  17. Heaviest Freak: 1st $50, 2nd $20.
  18. Best 3 Clusters: 1st $100, 2nd Voucher.
  19. Open Heaviest Bunch: 1st $220, 2nd voucher
  20. Open Heaviest Plant Bunch: 1st $200. 2nd voucher.
  21. Champion Carton (Tully District): 1st $1500, 2nd $200, 3rd voucher.
  22. Champion Bunch (Tully District): 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $50.
  23. Belinda (Sellars) Nissen Memorial Shield – Most Successful Exhibitor: 1st $990 vouchers, 2nd $500 vouchers, 3rd $200 vouchers
  24. Stewards Choice $500.