Section 12 – Fashions on the Paddock

STEWARDS: Mel Collins, Sharlene Morton 

Entry Fee $5.

a. Your Creation must be a wearable item.
b. An entrant must have more than 90% of their entered design made from Pakall supplied bunch cover bags.
c. All entries must be paraded by yourself or a nominated person you organise prior to the show to be eligible.
d. All entry forms must be handed into the Show Office on the last Wednesday prior to the show.
e. While we realise that Juniors will require parental help we ask that it be kept to a minimum in fairness to the competition.

For any questions please phone
Mel – 0429 669 356 Sharlene – 4068 9325


1. Junior Ages 10 and Under Outfit to be made by person 10 and under with minimal parental help – within reason. Prizes: Ist $70, 2nd $50, 3rd $30.
2. Junior Ages 10-16 years To be made by persons 10-16 years with minimal parental help. Prizes: Ist $100, 2nd $70, 3rd $50.
3. Open – Any person over the age of 16. Prizes: Ist $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $100
4. Group – Needs to be 2 or more but no more than 6 people in themed outfits on stage. The outfit can be made by one or several people. eg: Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Toy Story, The Village People.
Prizes: Ist $260, 2nd $220, 3rd $150.

GRAND CHAMPION – To be decided from ALL ENTRIES whether they have already won a place or not. ALL ENTRIES ARE ELIGIBLE so long as they have met the Fashions on the Paddock criteria.

Senior Category Winner – $150, sash & flowers.
Junior Category Winner – $100, sash & flowers.
ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD – To be judged from all non-winning entries, all categories.
Prize $50.