Section 11 – Flower Art

STEWARDS: F Silvester & M Nash

Entries can be brought to Pavilion 1 on Thursday 22nd July from 7.00pm – 8.30pm & Friday 23rd July by 8am.

Exhibitors Notes:
a) The materials used need not necessarily be grown by the exhibitor.
b) All material should be fresh unless otherwise stated.
c) Artificial material may not be used unless specified.
d) The use of ferns, foliage, berries, mats and accessories is allowed unless otherwise specified.
e) Exhibitors may remain in the novice section for 3 years, even after gaining a previous first prize.
f) If they do not gain a first prize at this time, they need not progress to the open section.
g) Those wishing to exhibit in the open section may do so, but if they win a first place they then forfeit the right to exhibit in the novice section and must remain as an open section exhibitor.
h) Interpretive – fresh material only.

1st Prize $15, Second $10, Third $5.

Highest aggregate of points in the Section $20.

1st – 10 points, 2nd – 6 points, 3rd – 4 points.