Section 1 – Horses

STEWARD: Ms Joanne Davis

Early nominations may be made and Entry Fees paid on the Society’s entry form prior to closing date. Horse stalls are limited and will be allocated on receipt of bookings by Thursday before the show.

Entries paid for will be held at show office and can be collected on arrival. Cards will be available at the show ring office from 7.30am to 9.30am Friday and Saturday.

Camping fees: $10.00 per night paid with entries.



  • Red $1.00
  • Green $2.50
  • Yellow $2.00
  • Purple $3.00
  • Orange $4.00
  • Pink $6.00
  • Cream $8.00
  • Blue $10.00
  • Gold $12.00
  • White $15.00

Conditions: All Riders in Jumping events to wear informal hunting attire approved by stewards. The definition of a maiden shall mean “An animal which up to the time of starting has never won a first prize in a similar class to that in which it is competing”. Declaration to be made at time of entry if requested.

During the ring events on Friday, Friday night and Saturday, ONLY officials and competitors may enter the ring. Anyone else must have permission of the Chief Steward.

All Boy and Girl Riders competing must produce certificates as to age from Schoolmasters, if requested by Stewards.

Lady or Gentleman Riders to be 17 years or over unless otherwise stated.

Open means for riders 17 years and over unless otherwise stated.

No substitution of a person or animal will be allowed without the permission of the Ring Committee. Any person or animal entered without permission will be disqualified.

All horses in Led Classes must be registered with their breed unless otherwise stated. Papers available on request.

All stallions to be registered with their particular breed society and are not eligible for Hack Classes. Papers available on request.

“LOCAL” means competitors must be residents of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and Hinchinbrook Shire areas.

Competing horses are to be owned and in the shire for a period of 3 months prior to the Show.

All horses in jumping events must be registered with the E.F.A. and riders-owners must be members of E.F.A. except in junior events. Performance cards must be displayed before a horse is eligible to compete. It is the responsibility of competitors to present cards before the first jumping event and collect them after the last event.

All stocks to be free from ticks.

All stables are in the charge of a steward and will be allotted when nominations are received. A limited number of stalls are available. Contact Jo Davis 0427 115 655.

Cards may be purchased before 9.30 am Friday and Saturday at Centre Ring.
All events must have at least 3 entries. In case of less than 3 it will be declared a non-event.

Payment must accompany entry form.
Travelling horses cannot compete in Maiden event.
Entries must include name, colour, brand and any other useful identification.
All entries must be signed by competitors.
All stick events will be run on time.
District” means north of a line from Sarina to Hughenden to Mt. Isa.
The society declines any responsibility in connection with the animals or injury to or by them. The owner shall be personally responsible.