“Local” means Exhibitors in the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and Hinchinbrook Shire areas. Passes for Attendants must be obtained from the Secretary.

Entries to be made on the Forms provided by the Society and must be in the hands of the Secretary or stewards by the closing times as per schedule, together with the entry fees, without which no entry will be accepted.

Ring Entries can be made on the day.

Stables to be booked in advance.

Exhibits for Needlework & Craft, Photography, Works of Art by 6pm Wednesday.

Please refer to Schedule Sections for entry closing times.

Competitors in the Ring events must enter immediately when called upon by the Stewards. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may happen to any Exhibit at the Show and it shall be a condition of entry that each Exhibitor shall hold the Association blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from such accident.

It is a condition of entry that the Society is not, under any circumstances, to be held responsible for any loss, damage or misdelivery of any livestock or other exhibits at the Society’s Show.

All Farm and Dairy Produce, Horticultural, Vegetable and Industrial exhibits must be the production of the person exhibiting them.

The Judge reserves the right to withhold prize if entries not up to standard.

Only dogs which have competed in other classes are eligible to enter to the Championship Class. No Pedigrees shall be inserted in the Catalogue, but owners of Pedigreed animals may post up on their stalls particulars of their animals’ pedigree after it has been judged. Any exhibit which is late in either the Pavilion or Ground is liable to be disqualified and the Entrance Fee forfeited.